60 Minutes Interviews Aaron Rogers, Leader of the Pack

The Green Bay Packers are an anomaly in the NFL.

Not only do they play in the smallest town in the league (all residents can fit into Cowboy’s stadium), but they are a public franchise where the people in the town own the team. But big things come in small packages and the Packers can boast a total of 13 NFL championships, the most of any team in the league.

Just like the team, their leader Aaron Rodgers has an incredible story of being an undersized and overlooked quarter back during every level of play throughout his career. Overlooked in high school, rejected by every D1 college team, and hated by Green Bay fans for taking the place of idol Brett Favre.

This 60 minutes special takes a look at the the town, the team, and the man that has become the face of the franchise.

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