MNF: Chaotic Ending in Seattle

The replacement referees have not made a mistake that cost a team the game…until now. The Seattle Seahawks were given two gifts from the referees that led to a last second win over the Green Bay Packers 14-12.

The worst mistake they made occurred on the last play of the game where Seattle Seahawks QB Russel Wilson heaved a hail mary pass into the endzone. Seahawks receiver Golden Tate was surrounded by three Packers defenders. To clear space he committed blatant offensive pass interference by pushing one in the back. Then as Tate went up for the ball it looked like he shared possession with M.D. Jennings of the Packers.

In what would sure be an iconic image of how comical the replacement refs have been. Two officials stood side by side with one signaling touchdown and the other signaling an interception and touchback. The official ruling on the field was that both players had equal possession therefore by default the offensive player gets credit for the catch and touchdown.

The slow motion clearly showed that Jennings had possession with the ball held against his chest. Tate just had one hand on the ball and began to wrestle it away under the pile.

The NFL’s gamble on the replacement refs have officially backfired on them and there will be a lot of demand this week to get a deal done with the regular referees who now have all the leverage.

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