The Worst Way to Wake Up From a Bender


So this guy got drunk last night, really drunk, and…

This is How You Fail a Field Sobriety Test


This man was hammered drunk when he got pulled over by the cops. So he figured if he was going to fail the sobriety test, he might as well have a little fun.

Ron Weasley is a Drunken Mess on Harry Potter’s 33rd


And he looks a lot like Simon Pegg.

Cats After Surgery


Don’t you dare laugh at this.

Drunk Girl Ruins Wedding in the Very Best Way Possible


The Lesson: If you’re going to be drunk and disorderly at someone’s wedding…at least be funny and give ‘em a moment they’ll never forget.

WTF: Drunk Man Challenges a Wild Elephant to a Duel


And you won’t believe who won.

Annoyed Super Bowl Reporter Asks Drunk Videobomber About Her STDs


WKMG reporter Jessica Sanchez sarcastically nailed a drunk passer by who interrupted her Super Bowl coverage.

NYC Bad Santa


How you doin’, I’m Santa. Can you let me borrow $5?

LoL: A Letter to the Drunk Superhero That Peed on Our Couch


Liquid courage at it’s best.

If Your Hangover Were a Person…


It would be the biggest asshole you ever met.