Everything Wrong With “Looper” in 3 Minutes


Come to think of it this film wasn’t all that cutting-edge and witty after all.

Looper Sex: The Past Returns (Video)


The movie Looper was great. The fine guys over at CollegeHumor took the basic movie concept and spiced things up a bit.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt Plays a Time Travel Assassin in “Looper”


This international trailer for the upcoming film “Looper” gives you more information about what the film is about. The stretch is that you have to believe that

Joseph Gordon-Levitt Does His Best Bruce Willis Impersonation in ‘Looper’


This new preview of the sci-fi, time traveling flick ‘Looper’ gives you a better look at how Joseph Gordon-Levitt can possibly make it believable that he could be

Offical Trailer For ‘Looper’ Bruce Willis New Action Flix

looper willis

Bruce Willis, the king of action is back with a promising new movie. The first official trailer ‘Looper’ starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Bruce Willis and Emily Blunt