SNL: Kanye and Kim Can’t Stand Apple’s Use of the Word “Genius”


He’s going to let you finish, but the word genius belongs to Kanye West, period!

Vince Vaughn Delivers SNL’s Monologue of the Year


Vince Vaughn’s opening monologue on Saturday Night Live was money, and he knew it.

Bill Hader: The Difference Between Justin Timberlake and Justin Beiber


Can you guess which guest SNL host acted like a douche?

Fred Armisen Experiences Goggle Glass For the First Time


Saturday Night Live’s Fred Armisen has made fun of Google Glass on SNL without ever experiencing it, until now.

SNL: Zach Galifianakis Really Sucks at ‘Game of Game of Thrones’


And the dragon costume was a bad idea.

SNL Spoofs the Mike Rice Abuse Scandal


Footage of Mike Rice abusing his players at Rutgers shocked everyone. That is until we found out about DIII coach Sheila Kelly (Melissa McCarthy) from Middle Deleware State.

Justin Timberlake Performs “Mirrors” + “Suit & Tie” on SNL [Videos]


Saturday Night Live favorite Justin Timberlake returned to the show again last night and brought out his two newest hits with one minor tweak for Kanye West.

SNL: Sen. Marco Rubio Proves He Doesn’t Need Water


Republican senator Marco Rubio was mocked last week for his infamous water bottle reach during a speech, so he stopped by “Weekend Update” to set the record straight.

Stephen A Smith Watches as SNL Spoofs Him


Jay Pharoah has got Stephen A Smith down cold.

SNL Makes Fun of Lance Armstrong and Manti Te’o


Saturday Night Live made fun of the four most annoying celebs in the headlines last week: Lance Armstrong, Pierce Morgan, Manti Te’o, and Jodie Foster. It had to be done.