Michael Strahan and Snooki Don’t See Eye To Eye


Michael Strahan tweeted this photo of him meeting the Jersey meatball (Snooki) on the set of his day show LIVE with Kelly and Michael.

The 5-Year Plan for the “Jersey Shore” Cast


If you hate the “Jersey Shore” [EARMUFFS]…

LoL: Celebrities Read The Meanest Tweets Said About Them


The fact that people can have anonymous names on the internet lets them say anything to anyone on social media.

Guy Front Kicks Girl in the Face That Looks Just Like Snooki


An angry guy at Rockfest 2012 upset everyone in the crowd when he front kicked a girl to the face that is a dead ringer for Snooki. The crowd reacted by mauling him.

Snooki Gives Birth

SnookiMTV's The Jersey Shore

Snooki the ultra tan, pickle eating guidette has put down that free drink and is expecting her first child. The Chelsea Lately show puts together

Snooki Redefines The Term “Shore Shower”


My favorite pickle eating shore smushing meatball – Snooki redefines the term “Shore Shower” in the latest episode of Jersey Shore. No wonder New Jersey

Is This Really Her? Snooki Tweets a Picture of Herself Without Makeup


Jersey Shore’s Nicole “Snooki” Polizzo posted a picture of herself on Twitter without makeup and she looks really different. Maybe it’s just me but I think

Offical Super Genius IQ Test

snooki vs world

Quick and easy IQ test for all you super genius out ther…

Snooki Gets It In at WWE WrestleMania XXVII (Video)

snooki wrestlemania

Snooki had some time off from filming the next season of the Jersey Shore. The pint size nympho shows off her athletic ability with a back flip finish at Sunday nights WWE WrestleMania 27 on PPV.

Jersey Shores Snooki Gets $32K For Appearance At Rutgers University

SnookiMTV's The Jersey Shore

Some students took to twitter to express there frustration that the university payed realty star Snooki $32,000 to come talk to the students. Snooki’s advice to the students “Study hard, but party harder”