The Highest Paid Adult Film Stars

Ever wonder how much adult film stars get for their “performances”? Yeah, me too. Refined Guy answered that question and made a list of the 21 highest paid adult film stars of all time.

Adult actors and actresses don’t earn a salary and don’t even get paid per film. They get paid per scene that they appear in. On average the guys can make around $300 per scene, while the girls get between $500 and $1,500 per scene.

So they don’t get a yearly salary but on average a guy can expect to earn about $40K a year while a woman can make between $100K and $250K.

But what about the highest paid adult film stars. Well here is a rundown of the biggest money makers in the industry.
Shyla Stylez

Net Worth: $1,000,000

No. of Adult Films: 324

We start off our list with a couple of women with net worths of a million bucks. Of course, that doesn’t sound like a lot for someone called a “star,” but I sure as hell am not worth a million bucks. Anyway, Shyla here is 29 years old, 5’2? tall, and hails from British Columbia, Canada.
Tori Black

Net Worth: $1,000,000

No. of Adult Films: 286

Shyla Stylez must have gotten a late start in the adult film industry, because Tori Black is only 24 years old and has appeared in 40 fewer films, but she’s already worth as much as #21. Then again, maybe she just made smarter investments. In any case, Tori happens to be from the same part of the continent as Shyla: Seattle, Washington.
Sunny Leone

Net Worth: $1,500,000

No. of Adult Films: 38

Sunny is already the second Canadian on our list, hailing from Sarnia, Ontario—though ethnically she’s Indian. Leone got her start with Hustler and Penthouse in 2001, then transitioned into adult film industry where, in addition to “acting” in 38 films, she’s also directed 39. Finally, in 2012 Sunny made her Bollywood debut in a film called Jism 2. Obviously, it’s a sequal to the original Jism, which I can only assume has a completely different meaning in Hindi.
Audrey Bitoni

Net Worth: $1,600,000

No. of Adult Films: 189

Audrey Bitoni is 26 years old and originally from Padadena, California. She broke into the adult film biz back in 2006, and in 2008 she won the AVN (Adult Video News) Award for “Best New Starlet.” Since then she’s won a couple more AVN Awards for things I’m not going to mention specifically. So, you know…she’s an award-winning pornographic actress.
Jayden James

Net Worth: $1,700,000

No. of Adult Films: 209

This 26-year-old from Upland, California, has been like the Susan Luci of the adult movie biz for the last several years: nominated for a whopping eight AVN Awards, but taking home just one. (It was for the film 2040, in case you were wondering.)

Net Worth: $1,800,000

No. of Adult Films: 374

Belladonna, born Michelle Sinclair in Biloxi, Mississippi, became a household name (kind of) in 2003 when she was interviewed by Diane Sawyer for an episode of Primetime Thursday that was all about pornography. Today, after about 5 years of being “semi-retired,” Belladonna says she is “no longer interested in having sex on camera.” I wonder if that has something to do with the fact that she has a young daughter?

Fun Fact: Belladonna was one engaged to a porn actor named Nacho Vidal. When did they start choosing porn names based on your favorite food and your favorite type of shampoo?
Evan Stone

Net Worth: $2,000,000

No. of Adult Films: 1328

Ah, yes. Finally, our first man. As you can see, the 48-year-old Evan stone has made quite a few films, so he’d better be worth $2 million.

By the way, do you remember that story about how 30 seconds of porn aired in Tucson, Arizona, during the 2009 Super Bowl? Well, the scene that people saw featured this guy.
Gianna Michaels

Net Worth: $2,000,000

No. of Adult Films: 388

As you can clearly see, Gianna Michaels was a natural fit for the adult film industry. The 29-year-old started out doing “modeling” in her home town of Seattle, but that quickly turned into nude modeling, which then turned into a career in porn.
Sasha Grey

Net Worth: $2,5000,000

No. of Adult Films: 270

Sasha Grey is only 24 years old, but has already appeared in 270 films and earned two and a half million bucks. She must be doing something right. (Which is to say, something very, very naughty.)
Evan Seinfeld

Net Worth: $3,000,000

No. of Adult Films: 47 acting, 25 directing

Evan Seinfeld is a real renaissance man. He got his start as a member of the hardcore metal band Biohazard. Then he married a woman who appears later on this list (#2) and got into the porn biz, “acting” under the screen name Spyder Jonez. Now, even though he’s divorced from said porn wife, they still have a production company together, and he still “acts.”

Jenna Haze

Net Worth: $3,500,000

No. of Adult Films: 538

This 30-year-old has been credited in a lot of films. Sure, that figure includes “compilations” (which are basically the mix CD of the porn world), but that amounts to a lot of paychecks.


Lexington Steele

Net Worth: $4,000,000

No. of Adult Films: 883

Hey, look, another guy. And he has a porno mustache and everything! Sadly, his real name isn’t as cool as his porn name—it’s Clifton Todd Britt. With a name like that, you’d think he was a stockbroker or something.

Actually, he was a stockbroker. Then he got into porn. The rest is history.

Katie Morgan

Net Worth: $4,500,000

No. of Adult Films: 253

If Katie Morgan looks familiar to you, it’s probably because she was in that Kevin Smith movie Zack and Miri Make a Porno. (It certainly wouldn’t be because you’ve watched one of her adult features.)

Fun Fact: Morgan got into the biz to pay off her bail after getting busted for smuggling over 100 pounds of weed into California from Mexico.
Bree Olson

Net Worth: $5,000,000

No. of Adult Films: 240

This 25-year-old is from Houston, Texas. And she looks like a Texas girl, doesn’t she? Anyway, Olson is a former live-in girlfriend of Charlie Sheen, so she obviously makes excellent life choices.
Ron Jeremy

Net Worth: $5,500,000

No. of Adult Films: 2098

How is this guy only worth five and a half million? He’s one of just two adult film stars that is a genuine “household name.”


Maria Takagi

Net Worth: $6,000,000

No. of Adult Films: unknown

This Japanese porn star only seems to have been active for a few years, and apparently she’s only appears in mainstream films and TV shows since 2004. But she made a killing while she was at it.
Traci Lords

Net Worth: $7,000,000

No. of Adult Films: 107

Of Traci Lords’ 107 adult film appearances, she estimates that about 21 of them came before she was 18 years old. Yikes. As you can imagine, when the producers found out, they were really pissed off, since it cost them millions in litigation and lost inventory. But Lords has argued that all the publicity probably helped the industry, and she is probably right. In recent years, Lords has actually made a pretty solid transition into mainstream acting, appearing in a number of TV shows and films, including the aforementioned Zack and Miri.
Jesse Jane

Net Worth: $8,000,000

No. of Adult Films: 82

Jesse Jane only has 82 adult film credits to her name, but I guess they were all blockbusters, or whatever the porn equivalent of that mainstream expression would be, because she’s got lots of dough. CNBC called her “the face of modern porn.”

Peter North

Net Worth: $10,000,000

No. of Adult Films: 2583

At #3 we have our third and by far our most successful Canadian porn star on our list. Peter North is 55 years old and hails from Halifax, Nova Scotia. Interestingly, he was investigated by the U.S. Government because he appeared in several scenes with Traci Lords during her underage days. Luckily for him he wasn’t deported back to the Great White North—oh, now I get his name.
Tera Patrick

Net Worth: $15,000,000

No. of Adult Films: 117

Tera Patrick is a rarity: an adult film star who is actually mainstream hot. Though she may look exotic, she’s actually from Montana, and she earned a B.S. in nursing from Boise State before shifting full-time to porn. For a while she was married to Evan Seinfeld, with whom she currently owns a porn production company—Teravision.
Jenna Jameson

Net Worth: $30,000,000

No. of Adult Films: 161

You knew Jenna Jameson would be #1, didn’t you? After all, she not just a porn star. She’s an entrepreneur, having started “ClubJenna” in 2000, which expanded into a multi-million dollar porn production company that was purchased by Playboy in 2006. Sadly, Jenna has refused to age and has gone under the knife way to much, so she no longer possesses the natural good looks that made her famous.

Who would have thought a career in porn would give a girl body image issues?

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