The Many Faces Of Jeremy Lin [Teen]

“this is what a regular headband looks like on a sexy guy.”

Tonight Jeremy Lin and the New York Nicks take on the NBA powerhouse of Lebron James and the Miami Heat. But before Lin became a sports writers wet dream, he was a teenage with a blog.

Say hello to ‘ChinkBalla88′ Jeremy Lin’s 2004 Xanga screen name. Here are some of the funny photo’s with captions he posted over a decade ago.

“this is Derek Fisher on the los angeles Lakers with the headband covering the ears.”

“there’s Josh Howard on the dallas mavs. he wears his headband jewish style…very very loosely.”

“ghetto and gangster, but sad! The only tournament that i could play in ended up being a disaster. But its ok, cuz now, alex and i are gb-ing!”

“this is what Marquis Daniels on the dallas mavs looks like with a sideways ghetto headband.”

“there’s brian grant from the miami Heat…girl style!”

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