Where to Be Born in 2013

The ideal place to be born in 2013 is completely different that what it was 25 years ago. WOND put together an infographic of data compiled by The Economic Intelligence Unit on which countries are the best at providing a healthy, safe and prosperous life in today’s society.


The measures of this infographic:

  • Material wellbeing as measured by GDP per head (in $, at 2006 constant PPPS)
  • Life expectancy at birth
  • Quality of family life, based primarily on divorce rates; the state of political freedoms; job se­curity (measured by the unemployment rate)
  • Climate (measured by two variables: the average deviation of minimum and maximum monthly temperatures from 14 degrees Celsius; and the number of months in the year with less than 30mm rainfall)
  • Personal physical security ratings (based primarily on recorded homicide rates and ratings for risk from crime and terrorism)
  • Quality of community life (based on membership in so­cial organisations);
  • Governance (measured by ratings for corruption)
  • Gender equality (measured by the share of seats in parliament held by women)

source: wond

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